Introduction: FTDI Converter 3.3V Power Hack

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Main issue for programming ESP8266 boards is good and reliable power of 3.3V. I decided to make compact device consist from FTDI convertor with CP2104 chip and DC-DC buck convertor

Step 1: Obtain Devices

There are lots of sources for those devices. I bought it on ebay , here is two example links

Step 2: Modification FTDI Convertor

One of output pin (second from bottom) is 3.3V voltage. But this power is very weak, and output current is small. So, you have to interrupt line (trace) from CP2014 chip to 3.3V output pin.

Step 3: Solder Wires to DC-DC Convertor

Use "standard" red and black wires and solder to DC-DC convertor. Use double side foam tape and glue convertor to back side od FTDI convertor

Step 4: Solder Wires From DC-DC Convertor to FTDI

Use soldering station to solder black and red wires. Input side of DC-DC convertor is powered from USB socket (left side on photo) and output from DC-DC convertor is soldered to GND and 3.3V pins (right side on photo)

Step 5: Final Step

Use any USB "power source" like USB port in computer, or mobile phone charger to power FTDI convertor. On DC-DC convertor using small Philips screwdriver to set output voltage to 3.3V. Then apply small drop of nail polish to potentiometer to avoid change of output voltage.

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