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This instructables is how to make a Keeler ceremonial costume.  The ceremony is based on a futuristic story that I told in a video.  The video is a tour of down town Roswell New Mexico and what could happen if  the instructables staff were to be abducted and taken to The Trans-world planet from the Tadpole galaxy and how we might get them back.

The costume resembles a space craft.  I decided the costume would be more interesting if I made a film about the story as well.  

The Alien community, local volunteers, instructables members and the staff are assigned certain task in planning the escape.  

You don't want to miss how Diggs retrieved important information for operation Houston rendezvous and how Sarah's toast set things into motion.  I bot instructables  made it possible for the team members to communicate.  Who named Riggs and why?  Will our team escape?  Watch the trailer to find out, OR read the mini story.  

I will include the script for those of you who can not view the video.  


  • MASK
  • 1 CD DISC
  • 1 LARGE RUBBER INNER TUBE  You want a heavy inner tube.
  • 1 BELT
  • PEN
  • KNIFE 


It is time to cut the inner tubes so they lay flat.  

Fold the inner tubes so the air spout is at one end.  
Cut through the opposite layers at the end.   

Next cut the inner tube through one end so the tube is no longer a circle.  NOTE:  If you would like to use the air spout cut the inner tube on the opposite side of the end so you don't cut it off.  

You don't have to worry about the skirt because you don't need the air spout.  Cut it the same as the others.


There are 3 parts to the costume.  
The space craft.
Neck piece.

Measure your waist, neck, and bodice.  Add about 10 inches, I know it sounds like a lot but you don't want to cut the pieces too short.  It is easier to work with if your piece is smaller but not exactly the size you want it to finish at.  

Try the pieces on and tape them or hold them into place and make sure they overlap about 4 inches.  Then decide how much more you want to cut off.  

The space craft needs to be larger because it is cut on a circle and it is the largest  piece.
You need to cut it short enough to look like a space craft in the leg area.  

I  cut my neck piece too short because I measured it to fit.  
Now using the belt try on the skirt part of the costume and see of it overlaps about 4 inches.

 If it is too long trim it.  

Measure the neck and the bodice the same way.  


Next take a marker and mark the belt slits. Cut the slits with a knife.

Next lay out the string of lights and make sure the battery has plenty of cord so you can have it at your waist to turn on and off. I had both light strands on the same side but I am thinking it might be better if you have one on each side. Tape them with duct tape.

Next lay out the lights slightly loose and mark the holes where each light falls.

Take a knife and cut a small enough hole to push the lights through. BUT don't add the lights until after it is painted and completely dry.

Lay it where the lights look the best to make it a saucer.

Remove the lights until after it is painted.


Paint all the pieces and allow to dry according to the paint instructions on the can.

Paint the belt.  

After all the pieces are  completely dry add the lights and tape the ends so you can turn on the lights easily.   

Weave the belt through the belt loops.

Set aside and start working on the bodice, skirt,  and neck piece.  

Glue the Velcro pieces so the skirt, bodice, and the neck will stay closed.  

Glue the CD cover over the air spout of the bodice front.


Embellish the mask with the jewels, gluing them into place.

Stick duct tape to the wrong side of the round led light with the sticky side out and stick the light  to the eye on the outside.  

You can either glue the eye glass lens to the eye or use scotch tape.  I used scotch tape.

Your mask is done.  

Step 7: Operation Houston Rondevue

The instructables members, volunteers, and Alien allies have decided to go ahead with the Houston Rendezvous Escape plan.

We have worked diligently on a No-Fail plan.
It is swift, simple and cheap.

Step 8: Alien Lights

A tour through the town of Roswell and to Area 51, (the Rosalien community,) will give you insight to the aliens background.

Towns people have lined the streets with green lights honoring the local aliens.
The red cross donated this sign for their community work.

Step 9: Retailers

The museum is filled with the facts surrounding the Roswell incident.

The retailers have accommodated our friendly ones.

The Allies park their saucers on top of buildings. This driver missed his aim and got a DWI.

Step 10: Area 51

Our Alie friends are spiritual creatures and this is their spiritual guide.

They live and work in the fifties but have not given up the love of their
space craft.

Area 51 is where the aliens work and play. The off spring can choose any time period and any planet in which to live, but they chose the fifties lifestyle living in Roswell NM. They
plan on returning to their world when the play ban is lifted.

Step 11:

They have businesses such as doctors offices, garages, mortuaries, motels, and they live in homes built in the fifties. You will occasionally see them riding their Harley's. They have a sense of humor just like humans.

They eat and drink alien food as well as human foods.

They enjoy soft drinks.

Step 12: Government Officials

The government still denies the facts concerning area 51. Here is a picture of an experiment done on one of the victims from the crash sight. Ex-rays showed small alien eggs inside the victim and doctors tried to hatch them, after a year they placed the eggs in a small wooden box and buried it in a shallow hole at area 51.

The eggs hatched and survived because alien genes passes all family history, survival, and planet information on to the memory of their off spring. The native Allies learned that their parents left the Trans world because leaders were harsh in their beliefs that play has no useful benefits to society.

Here is another government experiment on the crash victims. They are testing the victims tolerance to alcohol in a casual card game.

This is the building we have spent day and night since your abduction. You will be receiving a care package from the International Galactic relief organization. Inside it is everything you need for a safe and secure escape.

Step 13:

Here is a saucer just like the one you and the team will be traveling on. You will arrive in Houston Texas where you will be staying for exactly one week. Texas is a sovereign state and its mo- to is: Don't Mess with Texas and this mo-to is known world and space wide.

The entire instructables work staff will go on a weeks vacation to deceive the clones into thinking they have accomplished their mission. After 5 days the clonies will leave and head back to their home planet thinking their mission was a huge success.

You will often see Diggs in his data receiving position, collecting space signals and reading them. Diggs often communicates with his trans world friend Riggs who will be a key player in your escape. Diggs got his name because of his great since of humor. Riggs was recently nicknamed by Diggs because of his part in your escape plan.

You and the staff are in no danger. The Trans people are not hostile. They are just proud to be known as being the most technical master minds in the universe and want to keep it that way. Once they realize you are no threat they will return you to your home planet but that could take months.

The care package contains masks for all team members to prevent Trans Alien officials from reading your minds. They can only read the frontal part of your mind. Keep your head down or turned slightly to one direction or the other if you are not wearing the mask.

Instructables from your members to build escape tools. These instructables have been modified by Rozz our alien specialist on primitive tools, (which are allowed in care packages.) He has modified the parts by installing hi-tec devices that will pass security procedures.

Alien Robots that climb the walls will be used to communicate with other team players when you are in lock down. You and the robots can work freely on anything as long as your mask is on or your head turned so they can't read your thoughts.

The ceremonial costume and head gear will be worn by Sarah. She will have special privileges and will be granted certain request that will allow her to use her costumes accessories to retrieve codes to open the doors and access the launching area to the donated space craft.

The tool belt has a hidden compartment that holds the card that will drive the craft and other things that might not pass through security.

Step 14: Riggs

Riggs will assist you and the team in volunteering for the Keeler project. Anyone can sign up. No one has signed up for this in many years. The Keeler project is a very harsh work program that requires unbelievable hours and physical labor. A Keeler ceremony will be given in honor of the volunteers. Don't worry you will not be there to attend the work project. Volunteering gives you unlimited access to the Internet and gives you more freedom to access other areas of the ship, which is crucial in executing the plan. The ceremony requires the attendance of everyone on the ship.

The ceremony will give the entire Trans world a month off to play. This will gain favor with the people. You may request certain food and drinks to be served. Coco Puffs for EVERYONE laced with a special ingredient from Rozz. Digg's day job is working in the bottling factory. It is up to him to test the liquid contents before capping the bottles. This is where he adds the kicker ingredient that Rozz did not have access to.

Step 15: The Sedative

Sarah will request a tour of the launching deck when she gives her acceptance speech. When they take her there, the disc on her costume will get the access code. While on the deck she will ask to sit in a saucer and the disc will re-cord the code to enter the space craft area.

She will return to the ship and dinner will be served. After dinner Sarah will propose a toast and everyone will be required to drink the special drink. The drink will kick in the sedative.
The sedative will affect everyone except the instructables team and Riggs. He has his own bottle and the sedative does not work without the drink. Everyone will sleep for several weeks.

Step 16: The Deep Sleep

You and the team will board the space craft with Riggs and the disc we sent is a special GPS system designed to take you to a designated place in Houston and Riggs will pilot the craft.

The aliens are hoping the several weeks of rest will prove to the top officials that rest plays a big part in the ability to perform ones task and new laws will be passed. Once laws are passed, many aliens will return to their mother planet.

We hope you will layover at Roswell so you can meet the key players of Operation Houston rendezvous. You should arrive in San Francisco in plenty of time to judge the Halloween contest.

THIS IS ALPHA dog out.

Step 17: The Moral of the Story

There is a moral to this story.

You don't mess with Instructables.

You don't mess with Sarah.

You don't mess with Diggs.

You don't mess with Riggs.

And you don't mess with Texas!

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