Introduction: Fabric Christmas Tree

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Because everything is cuter in miniature!

This is great for small spaces like a dorm, or to put on a table as a centerpiece or on the mantle. And if you happen to have cats that stalk and nom on any and all plant life in their general area, this is a good way to have a tree without having it tipped over and ravaged.

This is an easy project - should take you no more than an hour!

This ible is day 5 of the Instructables Advent Calendar 2011!

Step 1: What You'll Need!

  • a foam cone (any size you want!)
  • green felt (1/4 - 1/2 yard max)
  • a straight stick that is an appropriate size for your cone
  • glue OR straight pins for attaching fabric - I used pins
  • flower pot
  • bit of cardboard
  • beans or rocks to fill pot
  • scissors
  • tape
  • fabric for making a small tree skirt
  • something to make a star from
  • lights for around the base
I think pins are easier to use with the foam - no waiting for drying, and you could reuse the cone with another fabric later. Felt is the best fabric to because it has more body and is heavier, but it's good to experiment. You might find something that works better for you. I also considered using wide green lace!

Step 2: Prep the Pot!

Trace the top and bottom of your pot. Cut inside the drawn lines, especially the one for the bottom of the pot so it will fit down inside. You're just waiting to cover the drainage hole so no beans fall out.

Step 3: Insert Stick Into Cone

I did this using a a human drill kinda motion - push up into the cone while twisting hard. Make sure the stick is secure - at least a few inches into the cone.

Step 4: Final Pot Prep

Insert the smaller cardboard disc into the bottom of the pot and then fill with beans.

Cut a hole in the middle of the larger cardboard disc just big enough to insert the stick.

Assemble everything to make sure it's a good fit. It the stick is a big too long, cut a little off. :)

Step 5: Wrap the Cone!

Now for the fun bit.

Cut out strips of felt that are 3 inches wide - you could fringe them if you wanted, or use pinking shears, but I just cut with straight scissors. Don't worry about the line being 100% straight, either - a little wavering will give it character!

Lay the end of one of your strips near the bottom of the cone, so about an inch of fabric is hanging over the edge, and pin the top corner of the felt into place.

You'll be wrapping and pinning all around the cone, pleating the folding over the fabric and then pinning to secure it every couple inches to make it look fuller.

Make sure to push in the pins as far as they can go for a secure fit.

Step 6: Wrapping the Cone, Continued.

Once you've gone one time around the cone, angle the felt strip slightly upward to form the next layer and keep pleating and pinning. You'll do this every time you finish a layer.

When you get to the end of a felt strip, pin the top corner into place as shown in the first photo. Then add your next strip and pin on top of the first strip as shown in photo two and keep on truckin'.

Once you get to the top, fold and trim and pin your fabric into a nice pointy top, cutting off any excess. I honestly can't give you better directions for this since I just smushed it in various ways until I was happy. Improvise! :D

Step 7: Install the Tree in the Pot!

Slip the large cardboard circle over the stick, and insert into the pot o' beans.

Tape the cardboard circle to the pot to secure it. I used lots of tape. It'll be covered up anyway!

Step 8: Extra Credit Star Making!

I decided to make a star by drawing two stars on some spare cardstock, painting them yellow, and gluing them together with a head pin between them. A long needle would work well too.

I just wanted it to have a pointy end so I could push it into the foam.

Step 9: Style the Tree!

I used a piece of muslin for a skirt. It's especially pretty if you put some lights under the tree skirt. Pin the skirt however you want it. :)

I suppose you could also get fancy and make tiny ornaments and tiny lights, but I love my tree as is. My boyfriend has had to hear me ramble about how cute it is ever since I finished it. :D

If anyone makes one of these and posts a picture in the comments, I'll give you a three month pro membership! I would love to see your versions!