Fabric Origami Bird Brooch



Introduction: Fabric Origami Bird Brooch

Origami is the art of paper folding. I wanted to make an unusual brooch using the origami technique, but instead of paper, I decided to use fabric, in particular denim from old jeans.

I used the origami scheme for folding a dove. I am for world peace!



brooch pin

2 seed beads

ruler triangle



needle threads in denim color iron

Step 1: Square

Iron your fabric and cut out a square with 3.5 inch sides. From such a square you will get the brooch about 2" x 2.7".

Step 2: Folding #1

Fold the denim square as shown in the photos, ironing the fold.

Step 3: Folding #2

Fold the denim again. Iron the fold.

Step 4: Folding #3

Fold the ends as shown in the photos, ironing the folds.

Step 5: Folding #4: Forming the Wings

Fold inside as shown in the photos.

Step 6: Folding #5: Spreading the Wings

Spread the wings, unfolding the ends.

Step 7: Sewing the Head

Sew together two folds at the top of the head. Try to make the seam invisible.

Step 8: Sewing the Wings

Fix the wings by stitching them. Try to make the seams invisible.

Step 9: Folding #6: the Tail

Fold the tail and sew to fix the denim. The seams should be invisible.

Step 10: Folding #7: the Beak and the Eyes

Fold the head, forming the beak. Fix the beak by sewing the seed beads - the eyes. Sew the breast.

Step 11: Final Details

Sew on or glue on a brooch pin. Your brooch is ready.

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