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Introduction: Fabric Origami Cube Earrings

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Did you know you could make origami with fabric? You can!

These origami cube earrings were made using 2.5 inch squares and are about 1(cubic) inch in size. This instructable assumes you already know how to make the modular cube in origami, but it is an easy enough craft so that you can practice with paper first and then recreate with fabric.

Step 1: Materials

Six  fabric squares (I used 2.5 inches)
Earring hooks
Thin paper
Glue stick
Monofilament/fishing wire (optional)

Step 2: Make 6

If you already know how to fold this cube, then making it small and with fabric is fairly easy. If you don't, practice first with paper. Post it notes are a perfect size to practice with as they are already square. And the little bit of stickiness doesn't effect the folds.

Here are a couple of directions for you to practice with paper.


Follow along as I show you how to do this with fabric.

Cut six squares for each cube. For earrings,  cut 12.
Glue thin paper to the back of the fabric. The paper is to give some body to the cube, but it does make the folding more difficult.It might be possible to do this without the paper, but I felt like the cube would hold it's shape better with some paper backing.

1. Fold in half diagonally. Unfold and fold the other direction.
2. Fold one corner to the center of the square- see picture. Do both sides.
3. Fold again this last fold in half to the middle. Do both sides.
4. Fold the small diamond on the end in half on each side to make the fabric into a rectangle shape. (See picture diagram.)
5. Fold down one end diagonally so the end forms a triangle.  Fold the other end up- you will have a rhombus shape.
6. Tuck under both ends so that the point is underneath fold number 3.
7. Flip the rhombus shape over.
8. Fold both ends to make a square shape.

Repeat with all 6 pieces of fabric.

Step 3: Make the Cube, Insert Loop and Sew Shut

You will be tucking each shape together until you make the cube shape. This is really hard to describe, but keep trying!

I actually think it is easier to do this with fabric as it doesn't slip apart as easy.

I made a loop for the earring out of wire. Make a "stick-man" shape. Slip this in the corner and push the cube closed. Using mono-filament (fishing line), sew the corners together. Use the fishing line also to catch the loop and sew firmly down.

Attach earring wires and wear!

It was so much fun to make these out of fabric! I'll have to try other origami designs too. I hope you'll try this and show me your creations!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    1. Would it be possible to skip the paper backing if you just stiffened the fabric with either laundry starch or Stiffy?

    2. Could you use an iron-on interfacing in place of the paper?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is possible to make them that small, I just haven't found the right fabric to do it in!


    8 years ago

    I love the idea of fabric origami earrings, but from the pics, aren't these earrings a tad bit heavy for the ears from all the fabric used to make them?


    Reply 8 years ago

    Not at all heavy. I have many beaded earrings and metal ones much heavier. It is lightweight cotton about in total half the size of a small handkerchief- I think a dime is heavier if I had something to measure that small. Great question!