Introduction: Fabric Painting

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Since I love painting I thought to use my creativity and make a gift for my best friend as her birthday was coming soon.I wanted to give her something special which is worth it.I searched in many shops for getting “this is it” thing but couldn’t find any so I decided to make one by myself and gift her.I bought a t shirt of her favorite color and encrypted all the elements of nature on it as she loves and appreciates nature.

Step 1: Iron the T Shirt and Place It on the Flat Surface

This is important step and most of us neglect it.The size of the t shirt and also its color plays a role for right fit and enhancing the look of your creativity.So here i took M size blue color t shirt.Then I ironed it to remove all the crease and placed in on the flat surface.

Step 2: Marking Measurement of the Edge

After I decided what I will be painting on it I took measurement accordingly.I made a square with tailors chalk and it had to be perfect because it will form the border.Here i took 30 cm on each side for getting a square.

Step 3: Marking the Border of Each Element

I was going to make 4 elements of nature which were earth,water,fire and air.So I made four borders having half inch gap between each of them.

Step 4: Painting the First Element Which Was Earth

Before painting I inserted a writing pad inside the t shirt so that the color doesn't go through. For painting the element "earth" I took different shades of green in palate.Then i started painting with lighter shades starting from center and then mixing darker shades on top of it. Then after i finished half I turned the t shirt up side down and started with darker shades followed by lighter shades going downwards.

Step 5: Painting the Second Element of Nature

Following steps will be same as the previous one. For painting the second element of nature which is water,I took different shades of blue in a palate. I started painting with light shade in the center followed by darker shades.

Step 6: Completing All the Elements

In this picture you can see I have painted rest elements which is fire and wind. I took yellow and brown representing wind just to add color to the structure.

Step 7: Final Step

After the painting is completed the last step is to add a tree to bind the look in a single picture.For painting tree I took brush no.3 so that it is not too broad and not too narrow.First i thought of making single tree in each element but later I decided to make one tree connected to each element because that is how the ecosystem works.They are dependent on one another and each of them is significant. Then finally I washed the t shirt to give it a fresh look removing any marks left.

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