Introduction: Fabric Radio/walkie-talkie Case

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I wanted to make my dad something for his birthday that he could use not a stupid little tie magnets that he puts on the fridge to get moldy Dusty forlorn and forgotten so I grabbed his HAM radio when he was at work. now you to can join the useful present revolution and give a gift someone will actually enjoy

Step 1: What You'll Need

two pieces of fabric
Velcro peices
oh and a radio of course!

Step 2: Trace

trace the radio on to the fabrics on one piece draw a flap an inch longer than the bottom of the radio * draw the flap on the bottom* (note make sure the sides will wrap around the radio completely on the top trace the antenna half way

Step 3: Cut Out

not much more explanation needed

Step 4: Sew

sew one side all the way DO NOT sew on the flap

Step 5: Sew the Other Side

same as other side

Step 6: Tie the Two Sides

at the Antenna

Step 7: Add Velcro

to the flap

Step 8: New Step

Step 9: Done

done enjoy!