Introduction: Fabulous Faux Fur Vest $$On the Cheap$$

There is just something about wearing fur that makes an outfit instantly glamorous. And if you don’t believe me, check the winter 2012/2013 tend reports. This piece can add just the right amount of glitz to a casual t-shirt and jeans look or keep your evening ensemble classy with a furry accent. If you have real fur to reuse or want a faux fur vest without breaking the bank this post is for you!

Now I made this particular vest for my 1 year old daughter, but it can easily be replicated for an adult.
My inspiration for this post was an outfit for sale at Macy's with a cute little baby size fur vest for over $50, which is insane considering this vest cost less than $5 and took less than an hour to make!

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:

Faux Fur (any color) or real fur of choice
Lining fabric (any material)
parchment paper
sewing machine or needle and thread

For a child size vest I used less than a quarter a yard of fur and lining fabrics, so this vest cost me less than $5!
I would guesstimate 1/2 to 3/4 yard for an adult vest.

Step 2: Pattern

To make your pattern you can trace a vest you already own or (as I did) hold parchment paper up to model and trace a pattern. You need one back piece, one right side and one left side front piece (I made one left-side and turned it upside-down to make the right-side). Make the vest as long or short as you like!
***I always pin the pattern together and try it on before cutting any fabric***
Use your pattern to cut out your faux fur pieces, when cutting make sure to leave a ¼ - ½ inch for seam allowance.

Step 3: Construction

1. Pin lining together at sides (under arms) keeping good side of fabric in and sew. Repeat with faux fur.
2. Pin both faux fur and lining together with good slide of fabric facing in.
3. Sew around all edges, leave one 2 inch opening on top. See right/top of picture 7 and picture 8.
4. Turn vest inside out though 2 inch opening.
5. Sew opening closed by folding in fabric and sewing across.
6. Pin shoulders together fur facing in. And sew across.

Step 4: Grand Finale!

Turn vest right side out and enjoy!!
Or better yet, make another in a different color!

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