Introduction: Face Covering Magnetic Badges

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However you look at it, face coverings are now a part of our daily lives, so it's time to mix in some individuality and wear our hearts on our faces!

This simple tweak will help you show your true colours, safely and hygienically.


Face Covering

Enamel Pin Badge(s)

GeoMag Magnets

Step 1: Badge Snip

First find yourself some enamel badges, ideally not too big but really it's up to you, whatever will go well on your face covering.

Of course you could just pin the badge through your mask and use it as normal, but that's likely to be poky and uncomfortable on the cheek, as well as making holes in the material (not ideal).

The first thing to do is take some snippers and cut the pin off the back of the badge. If you don't have snippers you can use pliers and just wiggle it back & forth until it separates.

Either operation will leave a small, sharp pin stump - you'll want to file this down, either with a metal file or a nail file, just to make the back of the badge nice and smooth. Depending on the badge there may be other small spiky bits to file down, little points that helped stop it spinning around the cloth.

Once you have your nice smooth badge(s) we need some way to fix them...

Step 2: Geomag Extraction

I love Geomag magnets - as a child's toy they're available in loads of places, and super-easy to find second hand. The Geomag "sticks" are plastic-covered metal rods with a tiny, powerful puck-shaped magnet at either end.

I use these magnetic sticks all round the workshop, but sometimes you need to free the tiny magnets from their plasticky prisons - the easiest way to do this is to use the snippers again, and chop through the Geomag stick right near the end. This can take a few goes, but usually the tiny magnet will come away from the stick and end up stuck to the jaws of your tool!

Now we're ready to jazz up a mask.

Step 3: Masknetic

Now we simply pop the badge on one side of the face covering and secure it with two tiny Geomag magnets on the other side.

The magnets will hold your badge securely in place, but make it easy to remove and sanitise the badge when you return home and wash the face covering.

This probably isn't a good idea for younger children as magnets should be kept as far away as possible from being accidentally eaten. Having said that the younger ones are unlikely to be wearing a covering in the first place, but still, safety first!

We're really enjoying raising our face covering game with all kinds of enamel badges, I can't wait until my Maximum Fun pins arrive in January - they'll be going straight on my face to confuse and entertain my fellow shoppers.

Thanks for reading, stay safe everyone and show off your mask badges!