Introduction: Face Mask

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There are many face mask PDF patterns on line, but this is little different. This mask is tightly molded to person’s face and doesn’t have center front seam

pass tip of the nose for breathability. Wire at the top enables person to mold it around her and his nose and close the gap between eyes and the cheeks. I developed this pattern and prototype on March 23rd and already e/mailed to many people after posting on my social media pages. However, everyone’s face is slightly different size and shape and it can be customized by increasing and decreasing width and the height.

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Stay safe, keep social distancing, wash hands and we will overcome Covid-19!


24” width and 12” long piece of fabric suitable for a face mask; 10” long 18-20 GG jewelry or floral soft wire;

1/4” wide and 11” long elastic for over ears and about 26”-27” long for over the head style; Scissors, Sewing Machine; Thread.