Introduction: Face Mask Ear Saver

About: Saving the world..... without a cape.

Save your ears and make wearing a mask more comfortable

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Elastic headbands, I bought mine at $ Store.

2. Two nickel to quarter sized buttons

3. Sewing needle

4. Sewing thread

Step 2: Headband

$ Store had a 6 pack for a buck. I selected the green one and 2 white buttons.

Step 3: Sew on the Buttons

Not too tough right?

Step 4: Try It On

If mask is not snug, remove one button and resew it closer to the other.

Step 5: Hope This Helps

Thought of the day!!

With everyone wearing masks..... how can we tell the good guys from the bad guys??

Guess we are all in this together.

Step 6: Update:

My sister in law made a bunch of masks for us like these. Since elastic is sold out where she lives, she folded over the ends, sewed them, making a tubing that cord can go through. The cord loop goes over the top of the head and you can tie it on the bottom, nice and snug, very comfortable.

Step 7: Thank You Sis

I still look good in it.