Introduction: Face Shield - Flat and Easy - No 3d Printer

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This is a great way to help in a time of need !

Don't be discouraged to help out right now with these simple steps for all levels of builders.

From beginners to experts.

This is a great lesson for parents and kids to team up and keep our nurses and doctors safe while learning some new skills!

This mask was designed by the great team at Makani Power


Supplies are listed on the PDF drawing with part numbers

Clear Lexan plastic

UHMW plastic strips or sheet

1/8" drill bit and drill

Pop rivet gun and 1/8 stainless rivets + washers

Industrial paper cutter

hook and loop tape

Step 1: Step 1 - Cut Out Parts Either From Files Provided or Using Drawing Provided

Note - Be sure to wear a facemask, safety glasses and gloves while working on face shields, this will prove a extra layer of protection to health workers.

There is a few options when it comes to making these shields - One being using CNC laser cutter, CNC mills or other robotic automation options - Files for flat layout provided

We have been using a laser cutter for making a lot of the parts and cnc milling machines.

The other is the good old fashion shear and drills.

( I have not made it this way due to the volume we have been making so just a note that you might have to get creative but I put a paper cutter because the clear plastic is thin and could be cut easy with shears and such)

Take a look at the materials needed and supplies - There is a link to things we bought from McMaster Carr and the list is shown on the Bill of Materials on the drawing, other options are to get it from a local plastic supplier in your area.

Step 2: Apply Hook and Loop to Headband

make sure to put some pressure on it to make sure it really sticks!!

It is important that the soft side of the hook and loop be facing to the inside of the ring, the reason being that it is soft and won't scratch the users. Be sure you have this step correct before making a bunch of shields.

Step 3: Using the Pop Rivets and Washers, Assemble the Shield

its easiest to start from one side and work to the other, once you get to the 3rd rivet you will need to bend the clear front to get the holes to line up. Put the washer on the outside and make sure there is no sharp edges.

Step 4: Finished Mask

Find a hospital or red cross drop off in your area, they will be glad to have all the extra face shields they can get right now!