Introduction: Face Shield

I need to stop touching my face in public due to virus. I had a mixed salad clear plastic container in recycle bin , took it out clipped it to my baseball cap. Then I decided to make a face shield out of it.


10oz clear plastic salad container
Foam, could be an insole, or other
Cloth strips or elastic
Small clip
Anti fog spray

Step 1: Salad Container, Lid Removed

Step 2: Make Sure It Fits Face, Bend to Fit

Step 3: Make Corner Holes

Cut with scissors or knife in the corner ridge, I melted the hole with a glue gun tip to smooth after trying a cloth tie that got frayed.

Step 4: Put Cloth Through Cuts, Secure, Add Elastic

So I glue an elastic in between a loop through the cut. The cloth I cut the seam from an old pair of jeans. I got the elastic from the waistband. I originally was using a tie, but kept tieing my hair, so elastic find was excellent.

Step 5: Cut Foam for Top Edge , Glue

Will bend around your forehead, and more comfortable if creases are covered in foam. I cut foam strip, lined top edge. I folded foam to make it thicker. I used clips until glue set.

Step 6: Fold Around Face, Clip on Bottom Fold, Put On

Clipping the bottom curls it around your face, and it goes under my chin and all the way to my ears, so really helps keep my hands from touching my face without thinking. Spray with eyeglass anti fog spray if you have it.