Introduction: Faceted Wood Ornament

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We actually did 3 different types of ornaments in the video here, but we thought we'd focus in on the gold painted faceted wood ornaments in this tutorial. However, you can find all three types in the video and if you'd like a more detailed tutorial for one of the others just let us know :D

Here's what you’ll need to get started:

Step 1: Cut the Wood

There are TONS of facet designs you can do with the wood, so we’ll go step by step into one method that was our favorite. First cut your square dowel into pieces that are about 3” long. You can go bigger or smaller, and it’s fun to mix it up a little, but 3” is where we started. We cut ours on a miter saw but that’s just because we had it out - you could use a jigsaw or even do it by hand with a pull saw.

Step 2: Sand in Facets

We added facets with our belt sander by making a few marks on the wood and sanding in 8 different facets (4 on one end of the wood and 4 on the other end).

First we drew a line all the way around the wood 1” from the end, then we drew a line diagonally across one of the cut faces (it’s a little easier to see in the video). We sanded one corner of the facet down until it met the 1” mark and the diagonal line.

We did this on all 4 corners of both ends (aka 8 sands in total) always sanding an angle into the wood until it met that original 1” mark and the diagonal line.

This is how we got this faceted teardrop type shape, but you could also go freeform with it or do less facets - don’t be afraid to experiment! Dowels are cheap and you might just come up with something you really like :)

Step 3: Drill Hole and Add Hanger

Quick tip on drilling a hole at an angle on an angled surface like this: start drilling straight into the face (at a 90 degrees angle) and once you have a little pocket, change the angle to one you like and keep drilling!

Any hanger will do but we used these ornament hooks We added them before painting so the ornaments would be easier to hold.

Step 4: Paint

We used liquid gilding paint in brass, which we LOVE. It only takes one light coat and you’re good to go! If you want them to last a long time a varnish or clear coat is recommended.

Step 5: Enjoy

We made some of these for ourselves and some of these for friends/family. One great thing is how easy it is to change the design! If you try it out submit some photos below, we’d love to see what you made :)

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