Introduction: Facing South House Finder

I will introduce a Facing South House Finder :)
You can make Facing South House Finder if you follow this contents.
It is very easy and simple way.
Let's start!

Step 1: Hardware

We need a several meterials
1. WIZwiki-W7500 board

2. Seeed studio Base Shield

3. Seeed studio Grove 3 Axis compass sensor

4. Some LEDs

5. Some Jumper Cables

6. USB mini B type cable

7. Grove connect cable

They are all... for this project~!

Step 2: Schematic

Your connect meterials view to figures.

D2~D13 connect to LEDs

compass sensor connect to I2C port in Base shied

that's all!!

Step 3: Software

I prepared mbed develpment environment by the following site.
You not installed Tool, Just use Internet.
To get start with go on side and create free account.
If you are ready open compiler and create first project

Source code is

You import this program and compile using mbed internet compiler.
You can get bin file.

Step 4: TEST Result

You can see the test result by the video.
When you point to the south GreenLED is On.
and... When you point to Left than South Red LED is On
and... When you point to Right than South Yellow LED is On

Thank you for your attention.