Introduction: Failed: PC Fan Wind Turbine Blades !!!

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So Let's get started.

As you all know, some projects work and some just fail. That's how life is all about. However, in instructables, I used to post only my working projects. That is how I turn my projects into instructables.

But I thought that a failed project is not actually a total failure. That project I made and sure learned something from it. So it must make a good instructable for all of us to learn from.

So here is my first failed instructable.

I previously made a simple modification to an old PC fan that turned it into a fast to build small wind turbine.

The project worked perfect , I wanted to make a better mechanical improvement to the turbine by adding blades to the rotor instead of the original blades installed on the PC Fan to increase fan speed and then the output voltage.


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Step 1: Modify the PC Fan

This step is described in detail in another instructable.

However, its main purpose is to turn the PC Fan into a small wind turbine.

This is done in 2 main steps.

Step 1:

Opening the PC Fan without breaking it and then removing the IC ( Electronic Commutator ) that converts DC into Square wave voltage to make a rotating magnetic field into the PC Fan stator side.

Step 2:

Connecting the stator winding together to sum up the generated voltage and get it out of the PC Fan. Then closing the Fan again.

Step 2: Remove the Fan Fins and Case

You need to remove the fan fins and case.


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Here, I removed the fan case and fins with the pliers and left only the inner rotor connected to the stator and it PCB.

Then I used the file tool to soften the surface of the motor hub.

Step 3: Prepare the Large Turbine Blades and Connect Them to the PC Fan

I made the large plastic wind turbine fins by drawing a sketch of the fins and cut a piece of plastic bottle to the sketch using scissors.

Step 4: Assembling,Testing and Facing the Truth

I connected the three wind turbine blades to the PC Fan hub using glue gun.

Then used an old fax paper roll and glued it the stator PCB to act as the shaft.

So far so good.

The only problem aroused when I put the fan into action. When I put the fan in face of the wind, the blades connected to the hub using the glue couldn't withstand even the normal breeze of wind. The three turbine blades were ripped off the PC Fan rotor hub.

I couldn't figure out a new way of connecting the turbine blades to the PC Fan rotor bub.

Then I declared a failed project.

Anyway, it was very educational.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

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