Introduction: Failed Project #2 - Pump Action Gun

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I had this pump-action idea in my head, and so I started to build it. It started to get bigger and bigger, I had no idea a pump in the front would need so much space. Anyways, everything worked great, especially the pump, but the magazine didn't work out. I wanted it to shoot blue rods, but they caught against each other and it never shot, only jammed. The trigger was alright, the reason it is shaped like that is because it needed the extra bracing so as to not bend out of the connector. The trigger also couldn't hold too much weight, which was too bad, since the pump can handle just about as many bands as you want. You can build from the pictures if you want, the gun itself is pretty simple. I would love it if someone could make this work.

Selecting pictures and making image notes doesn't work, so I will add them when I can.

I don't know why some pictures turned out yellow while others look fine, I took them all at the same time in the same spot. Must be my camera and my bad photography skills.