Introduction: Fairy Bread!

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What is a sweet treat favored by adults and kids alike? Something so easy it takes less than 2 minutes to make and leaves you licking your lips asking for more? FAIRY BREAD!!

It seems that Instructables is (WAS!) lacking in an 'ible for making this tasty delicacy, and it came to my mind that many people may never have been introduced to the finer points of preparing and eating Fairy Bread! So prepare to liven up the food at your next picnic, party or gathering, that is if you don't eat it all before anyone else can!! 

Basically Fairy Bread is buttered bread with sprinkles. But making it perfectly is an ART! 

Gather your supplies: 

Spreadable Butter or Butter Substitute
Sprinkles or Hundreds and Thousands

 Take a piece of bread, preferably white but wheat was used in the pictures, and spread all around, right to the crust with butter. I have a firm belief in eating crusts so I won't say cut them off. Once the bread is evenly buttered..

STOP. Right there. Don't just start sprinkling. First choose your sprinkle. The little ball kind, non pareils, work well, as do the longer kind typically found on doughnuts. The non pareils give it a slight crunch, and the doughnut variety seem to have a different taste. Both are made of sugar and it really depends on what you have on hand, or which you like the taste of. They should however be rainbow colored. The ones pictured are made with Christmas sprinkles for a Christmas twist, but for it to taste and look best it should be rainbow, for all occasions other than Christmas, Halloween or Valentines day. (If you're confused about sprinkles, see second picture) 

Now you may begin to sprinkle. Start in the middle then move to the sides, giving it a nice even coat. If you get a double layer, maneuver the toast to move the sprinkles into the corners. The sixth picture shows a properly sprinkled piece of bread.

You're almost there. Cut the bread into triangles, either 2 or four, depending on the age of the consumer. (Smaller mouth, smaller pieces).  Don't even consider cutting it into squares. All your hard work will be ruined!

The Fairy Bread is now ready to be served. Put a plate of it on the table. Put a tupperware or plate of it in the picnic basket. Saran-wrap it and throw it (by which I mean gently place) it in the refrigerator for after-school or midnight snack.  Whenever, is a good time for Fairy Bread. 

Thanks for reading! Now go make some Fairy Bread. 

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