Introduction: Fairy Garden Wind-chimes

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Make a sweet little wind chime for your fairy garden, or just make one to entertain the dragonflies.

Step 1: What You Need:

3/4” Metal Washer
1/4” Metal Washer
1/16” diameter Metal Rod
1 each open eye pin*
9 each 4” (approximate) lengths
     Fishing Line (4 lb)
Wire Cutter
Glue Gun (not pictured)

Step 2: Cut Rods for Chimes

Cut metal rod into five 3/4” lengths.

Step 3: Tie Line to Eye Pin

Tie four pieces of the fishing line to the eye of the open eye pin and trim one line to 1-1/4”.  Trim the other three lines to 5/8”.

Step 4: Glue Line to Washer

Apply bead of glue to middle of small (1/4”) washer and immediately push end of 1-1/4” line into the middle of the hot glue.  Set aside

Step 5: Glue Line to Tops of Rods

Apply bead of glue to top of each 3/4” metal rods and push end of fishing line into center of glue.  Trim line to 3/8”.

Step 6: Glue Line From Chimes to Bottom of Washer

On back of large (3/4”) washer, apply bead of glue and insert free end of fishing line from each of the five wind chimes into the center of the bead of glue.

Step 7: Thread Rod Through Washer

Thread metal rod through center of large (3/4”) washer.

Step 8: Glue Lines From Eye Pin to Top of Washer

On top of large (3/4”) washer, apply bead of glue in three places and insert line into center of each of the beads of glue.

Step 9: Enjoy

Put wind-chime in an area with a little bit of wind so that the fairies can hear the lovely chimes.