Introduction: Fairy House - Indoor LED Lightning Project to Cozy Up Your Home

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When I was a small girl, I always dreamed about a fairy house. I wanted to live in some fairy tale.

Obviously it couldn’t happen as in reality there are no fairy houses and life is not a fairy tale.

But my hubby is always sure that we are the ones who create realities which is why he made me a fairy house.

I feel myself a small happy girl again. Not sure if I could do such house myself, but I put it here for some skillful people or at least not lazy people :D

I think such lighthouse would be a perfect gift for kids and a great addition to your home decor.

So first let’s define what do we start with.

Basically you need not much, as usually some knives, some wood. And some led lights this time.


Step 1: First Start Drawing

We should mark where we put windows, a door + we should define how our walls would look. You can go with a different house design than we did.

We took a house blank, so it would be easier. But for sure you can go just with some wood, just it takes more time. The one we took was basswood, it's soft and easy to carve.

Step 2: Roof & Chimney Job

Now we do the same but for the roof. Pencil guides us to the right place. And we can't forget about the chimney, it should be warm at home :D

Step 3: Roof Is Coming to Life

With the help of chisel, we do necessary woodcuts so our roof would appear on the surface of the fairy house. No need to hurry, take your time. Imagine you're making fish scale, one by one.

Step 4: Roof Job Continues

My hubby worked on the roof with two chisels, straight flat chisel to remove solid amount of wood and Compact V-Parting chisel for tiny cuts.

Step 5: Open a Window to a New World

Here a whittling knife comes to the game to work on the fairy windows where our lights would come out.

Step 6: In a Slow Flowing Manner Remove Some Wood From the Walls

Now a flat straight chisel is helping us out to work on the walls according to the lines that were drawn there.

Step 7: For Slight Tiny Cuts We'd Need a V-Parting Chisel

Do as you see the work done in the pics. My hubby used a V-Parting chisel.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Please make sure to go on the whole house there with the V-Parting Chisel to add as many details as possible.

Step 9: Chimney for Your Home to Be Warm

The same V-Parting tool helped to work on the chimney. As you can see we used that one a lot. As for tiny details, it's the best bet ever.

Step 10: Here Is What We Got at This Stage

We can see the door and windows and the roof is there as well.

Step 11: Glue It All

Now just put together the house itself + roof+chimney. Use any glue you think is the most durable one, so our house would last for years.

Step 12: Lovely House Is Ready for the Fairy Tale

Hurray! We're almost done here. A tiny house is ready. All we left to do it's to add some light :)

Step 13: Light It Up

Any led lights would come in handy. Just make sure those are small, not huge :D as we built a tiny house here.

Put the lights in the basement of a house.

Step 14: Enjoy Your Fairy Tale As I Did

So this is how my fairy tale worked out.

The instructions are not very detailed, but we made sure to show the process in the pics precisely.

I think that's even more helpful.

Please comment below if you liked the instructable. So we knew if we should proceed with those.

I love my fairy house; it does make our home cozy.

Time to cozy up your home, right? :D

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, or comment below.

Hope you enjoyed the instructable.


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