Fake Alarm LED Circuit

Introduction: Fake Alarm LED Circuit

Here is a Simple Flashing LED circuit which is good for bringing dummy security camera's to life or using as a Fake Alarm for cars and many other possibilities.

The speed and timing are controlled by the capacitor from pin 2 to ground.

Items needed -

555 IC

47K resistor

10K resistor

470 or 330 resistor




5v power supply.

Thanks For Reading.

Pin 1 to ground

Pin 2 to ground

Pin 3 to resistor and LED then to ground

Pin 4 to Supply

Pin 5 to 0.1uf Capacitor then to ground

Pin 6 joined to Pin 2

Pin 7 10K resistor to Pin 6 and 47K resistor to Pin 8

Pin 8 to supply.

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