Introduction: Fake Facial Hair!

I figured out an easy way to make fake facial hair. I've been using Instructables for a while now and decided to upload it for others to use. This is my first Instructables, enjoy!

Step 1: What You'll Need!

    - A wig (I've also heard that you can use coarse rope or crepe wool). Make sure that your wig is the color you want. If it's not, make sure you dye it before starting this process. The process I originally planned on using for dyeing my wig didn't work with the type of wig I got, so I just colored it over with a Sharpie. Note that it might run when you apply it to the adhesive if you use a Sharpie or other type of permanent marker.

    - Spirit gum OR liquid latex (spirit gum works best)

    - Scissors

    - Something to apply the hair with (you could use your finger, a paintbrush, or a makeup brush. I used a foundation brush. Note that you might not be able to use a paintbrush or makeup brush for anything else after using it in this process).

    - A makeup sponge (only needed if you're using liquid latex)

    Step 2: Cut Your Wig!

    This process can be time consuming and I suggest doing this prior to when you plan on applying and wearing your fake facial hair. The sharper your scissors are, the easier this process will be. Cut the hair to the length you want your beard to be. Cut your wig into a box or container to make storage and application easier. If you're using a smaller box or container like I did, make sure you have something under it to catch anything that misses the box.

    I suggest testing putting on and wearing your facial hair at home so you can adjust the length of the hair. The first time I applied my beard, it was way too long for the goatee I was trying to make and I had to redo this step.

    Step 3: Apply Your Beard!

    If you're using spirit gum (suggested):

    1. Apply spirit gum to the part of your face where you want your facial hair (NOTE: If you have acne, it might burn for a small period of time, but the burning will go away after a few minutes).
    2. Tap the spirit gum lightly with your finger until it becomes sticky and tacky.
    3. Apply your facial hair before the spirit gum dries using a makeup brush (recommended), paintbrush, or your finger.
    4. Repeat the process a second time (may not be needed for longer beards), skipping the second step (tapping the spirit gum). Let it set for a few seconds instead, then apply your second layer of hair.
    5. Let it dry.
    6. Gently brush off any extra hair that has not stuck to the spirit gum.
    7. Apply more if you missed a spot.

    If you're using liquid latex:

    1. Use a makeup sponge to apply liquid latex to the area where you want your facial hair.
    2. Apply your facial hair the latex dries using a makeup brush (recommended), paintbrush, or your finger.
    3. Let the latex dries. Liquid latex turns clear when it is completely dry.
    4. You may or may not have to repeat steps 1-3 for a thicker beard.
    5. Gently brush off any extra hair that has not stuck to the liquid latex.
    6. Apply more if you missed a spot.

    Step 4: Removal!

    Here's how to remove your facial hair once you're done! (please excuse the third eye makeup, it was for a cosplay)

    If you used spirit gum:

    Spirit gum is known for working well, which makes it a fantastic adhesive for FX makeup, but somewhat tricky to remove. Most commercially available spirit gum, such as the kind that you find at pop-up Halloween stores during October and costume shops. If your spirit gum didn't come with remover, I highly suggest getting some because it works best. Baby oil is the next best thing. Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover will work, but should only be used as a last resort.

    1. Pour a small amount of remover or baby oil on top of the facial hair. If you're using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, you can either pour a small amount or dab it on with a saturated tissue.
    2. Let the remover sit on the facial hair for about a minute or so.
    3. Use tissues to wipe off the facial hair. You're going to need to apply pressure as you wipe, but it should come off.
    4. Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover if any dye or color bled through onto your skin from your artificial hair.

    If you used liquid latex:

    Liquid latex peals off fairly easily. You might want to apply some extra latex in the area where your facial hair is for removal if you feel you can apply the hair neatly and accurately. You can always use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover if it won't peal off, but like I said, it should peal off fairly easily.

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