Introduction: Fake Freckles

Step 1: Items Used

For this i used: Brown Rimmel London eyeliner Brow Tech in color Smashing Taupe by smash box & an Avon face powder

Step 2: Larger Round Freckles

you're going to start by taking the brown eyeliner and creating largeish sized dots on your cheek bones & top of your forehead & your nose!

Step 3: Smaller Freckles

next I'm taking a small angled brush & dipping it in my brow powder then just making smaller dots around our other freckles.

Step 4: Softening

next I'm going to take my finger & press/rub on each little freckle to make them a bit darker & more believable.

Step 5: Making Them Look Natural

almost done here! for this step I'm going to be taking my bare minerals kabuki brush & lightly applying some face powder