Introduction: Fake a Cut Off Finger

I show you how to make a fake realistic finger cut off with a piece of bubble gum and some makeup

you need:

-skin tone makeup
-piece of soft bubble gum
-blue,red,black makeup
-butter knife

This video show you how apply the bubble gum.

and follow the step.

Step 1: The Bubble Gum Step !

First: Make sure youre bubble gum is enough soft to manipulate.

Apply right in the middle on the second join of your finger.
spread out and make clean smooth edge.

Step 2: Skin Tone.

now ,put some makeup (skine tone) all over your finger and your hand.
That make your fake cut off finger more realistic.

Best is powder makeup,but you can take liquid makeup too.

Step 3: Make the Cut

Now, make a cut in the bubble gum with a butter knife.
Make the more realistic as possible.

Step 4: Color Makeup

Now it's time to apply some color to create realistic effect.

First apply a little bit of black,after put some blue and finish with red.
Again,powder makeup work best. (halloween stuff is good too)

Step 5: Finish the Job

Finish the job with fake blood.

(fake blood recipe=Corn sirup with red food dye)

Spread like a real cut.

Now you can scare your friends and make very funny prank.

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