Introduction: Fake Cigarettes

Hello, this is my FIRST Instructable!

Today im going to show you how to make fake cigs! Im am creating a demostrational one because I have already made a couple. You can use this for movies, props, or what ever you want!

Step 1: Materials

What your going to need
1. Paper (Preferably copy paper)
2. Manilla folder (Shown as white paper)
2. Scissors
3. glue/tape

Optional (Not shown)
1. Tea bag
2. Toilet paper

Step 2: Cutting

Cut your main paper so that you have the length of your cigarette that you want.

Step 3:

Next your going to want to roll one of your papers into a little tube, you don't want it to be to thick though.

Step 4:

next your going to want to take your manilla folder and cut a rectangle out the size you want the filter to be. Once you wrap it around the tube make sure its only wrapped once or twice so its not to bulky.

Step 5:

Next your going to want to take your second piece of paper and cut it so the filter gets covered right at the edge. This is so it looks continued.

Step 6:

Now you want to give the illusion that there is an acuall filter there. so, i take a pice of toilet paper and roll it up (not like in picture) and put it in the cig.

Step 7: Optional Steps

you can cut a tea bag open and pour it in to the cig and glue the top so that it looks like there is tobacco in it