Introduction: Faking Earthquake Using Woofer (High Power Speaker)

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Do you have a friend who is afraid of Earthquakes? then this instructable is for you! listen up boy and you will be left happy with an awesome footage of your friend freaking out!

This prank is about scaring your friends by faking EarthQuake. This is done by using strong sound wave generator: Woofer. When special EarthQuake sound effect is played on woofer, it would make person feel earthquake, as if, it was really happening.

It is confirmed that before earthquake happens, strange humming sound can be heard, this sound causes fear, and if we will use this sound plus earthquake (destruction) sounds (listed below), it is possible to scare certain group of people (for example: friends). This prank is based on this effect.

Step 1: Download Sound Effects

First download Earthquake Sound effects, Here are some good ones!

Step 2: Pluggin' In

Plug your woofer into computer(via USB or Audio Jack), And make sure that it plays the sounds high enough to give you feeling that it's real.

Step 3: Hidin' Woofer!

Hide your Woofer under table,blanket,bed etc. so it can't be easily detected.(Use extended USB cord to connect Woofer to your computer, try to hide USB cable too)

Step 4: Perfect Moment!

Wait for a perfect moment, when your friend is in the room and start playing the sounds! Act like you got scared and they will start to panic too.

Step 5: Running Away!

Guide your scared friend outside your house and tell them to run away!

Step 6: Recording!

Try to record everything on camera! And upload it on youtube and wait for it to get millions of views! :D

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