Falcon on the Wall




Introduction: Falcon on the Wall

What I decided to do was to add a stencil to a wall in our guest bedroom / hobby space.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before any project I like to gather up the materials that will be used.

For this I used:

2 Quarts of OLYMPIC ONE paint (Knights Armor and Steeple Gray)
Paint Rollers (1 small roller, and 1 regular roller)
2 4inch foam sponge brushes
Paint tray with 2 liners one for each color
Masking tape 1 inch and 2 inch rolls
Pen knife with new blades (I ended up using 2 new blades)
Garbage bag,and Cardboard box (for a ground tarp)
Spray bottle and wash cloth
Step stool
Large printout of Falcon (Printed this out at the UPS Store)

Step 2: Prep the Space

I cleaned the wall before I used the masking tape, I just used a spray bottle with 50:1 Water to dish soap with warm water. Once I had sprayed down the wall I wiped it with an old wash cloth (clean) and then taped off the area that I will be painting the Steeple Gray on to. The final part for the prep was to tape the garbage bag and car board down on the floor to prevent spills.

Step 3: Paint the Wall

Next I added two Coats of the OLYMPIC ONE paint to the wall.

1st I painted the Boarder
2nd I painted the rest of the wall
3rd once the first coat had dryed (I finished the first coat before I went to work) paint a second coat

Step 4: Place the Print and Mask It Off

Placed the print on the wall, and the masked it off on the wall behind the print. So what I did was layout the masking tape to line up with edges and all the light areas, (because those will stay on the wall)

Step 5: Trim the Masking Tape

The final step with the masking tape is to use the pen knife to trim away the darkest parts of the print. All the dark areas will be painted the Knight Armor.

When trimming the masking tape:

1. make sure that the tape edges cover the area to be trimmed
2. use the pen knife to then carefully trim away the space that will be painted the darker color

I used the large print out as my pattern when I was trimming, cutting through both the print out and the tape. I taped the printout over the masked area and as I cut away the print out I peeled the tape away as well. Once all the trimming was finished it looked like this picture. I did have to go back and add some extra tape because the edge was really close.

"Looks a lot like the print out"

Step 6: Paint the Second Color in the Masked Off Space

I then painted 2 coats on the masked area with the Knights Armor paint.

Step 7: Pull the Tape

The final step, once the paint was dry, to then pull the masking tape off the wall to reveal the Falcon,
"what a piece of junk,"

I finally then moved my drafting table back in place, and added a tin sign that I purchased at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back.

All and all It turned out looking good, Next time I would use a different knife to cut the stencil out.

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    2 years ago

    Looks really nice! Going to make something like that soon


    6 years ago

    Well, I need to do this at some point in time. What other knife would you suggest using?

    C Unrath
    C Unrath

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I razor blade, or razor knife, the blades seem to be a little stronger. I am gearing up to to an X-wing one.