Introduction: Fall Cold Tonic

As it gets cold outside, many makers get colds. Several years ago, I got sick and tired of my cold and so I did some research on super healthy stuff that I could put into a shake for the betterment of my health. This recipe is tried and true for the easing of colds, but seriously, if you are super sick, see a doc. It has a high amount of water in it, so if straight water burns your throat like fire and you are dehydrated, this is a great way to get liquid. Also, it is high in caffeine content, so drink it in the morning if that affects you.

Step 1: Blend It Up

Round up the following:

- Three bags of green tea - Antioxidant

- Two cups water - Good stuff

- A generous shot of honey - Anti-Bacterial

- A cup of blueberries - Antioxidant, Vitamin C, Lots of other random good stuffs about them.

- An orange - Vitamin C

- And last but definitely not least, pineapple spears (these are sections of the hard inner core of a pineapple, the part that you usually throw away that is not the skin or the crown.) - Bromelain

Steep the three bags of green tea for about 10 minutes-ish. The idea is to make it super concentrated. If you don't have all of this stuff, no worries. I feel like the green tea and the blueberries are probably the most important. The exact proportions of these ingredients are approximations, just put a lot of each of them into the blender.

Now blend well, and drink up.

Finally, modify this recipe for how it works best for you. Get well soon.