Introduction: Fall Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to recreate this full-faced fall inspired makeup look using warm tones with the help of my personal favorite brands. However, you can use any brand(s) of your choosing to achieve this look. This is for anyone that is interested in makeup and or wants to try something fun!

WARNING: Use caution when using products near your eye for they are sensitive and it may cause injury.


*Disclaimer: as stated in the intro, I will be using my personal stash of makeup brands. But you can use whatever brands you want to achieve this look!*

- Maybelline Master Prime face primer

- Maybelline BB cream (shade 120)

- Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade (shade dark brown) + brow brush

- Revlon Colorstay concealer + concealer brush

- makeup sponge

- Elf eyeshadow primer

- contour stick (for makeup)

- Milani Soft Focus Glow complexion enhancer

- Milani Pure Passion eyeshadow palette

- eyeshadow brush (try to use a smaller one)

- crease makeup brush

- mascara

- eyelash curler

- Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer

- contour makeup brush

- DUO eyelash glue

- a pair of false eyelashes of your choice

- Eyelash grabber

- makeup setting powder

- Maybelline Brow Precise fiber volumizer

- Maybelline Gigi Hadid edition illuminator (liquid highlighter)

- Physician's Formula Butter Highlighter (powder)

- fan makeup brush (for the powder highlighter)

- NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

Step 1: Start Off With a Clean, Fresh Face

- First things first, wash your face!

*It's very important to start off with absolutely nothing on your face to ensure proper application of the makeup and to get the results you want.*

Step 2: Apply Face Primer As a Base

- First, use the Maybelline Master Prime face primer as a base for the face makeup you're going to be applying. (You don't need a lot of this product - as the saying goes, a little goes a long way)

*this step ensures that the makeup you're applying will stay on all day*

- Then, make pea-sized dots of the primer all over your face and rub it in with your fingers so your face is evenly covered and ready to go for the next step.

Step 3: Apply the BB Cream

*Disclosure: the BB cream is basically a tinted moisturizer and I personally prefer to use this rather than foundation; which gives you more coverage. But if you want to achieve a look that has more face coverage; feel free to use foundation and still follow the directions for this step.*

- Dot your face with the BB cream(as shown in the second picture)

- Then, rub/dab it in with your fingers or makeup sponge until your skin is evenly covered (as shown in the third picture)

Step 4: Time for the Brows!

*Disclosure: for this step, you want to try to keep your natural brow shape so your brows don't look deformed or too big/small. Also, this product is build-able, so do not overuse the pomade or else it will cause your brows to look too dark.

- Start by using the ABH brow pomade and an eyebrow brush that you can either purchase with the pomade, or use the one of your choice, and use a very small amount of the product, just enough to outline your brow with it.

- Then to shade it in, use light brush-like strokes to fill in your brows (as shown in the third picture); keeping them as natural as possible.

- Next, to "set" your brows, use the Brow Precise fiber volumizer and brush it onto your brows. Doing so will make your brows appear fuller and neater, all while keeping the hairs put all day. (as shown in the sixth picture)

Step 5: Concealer + Cleaning Up the Brows

*Disclosure: I combine these two steps because both consist of using the concealer and it saves time doing it together. After this step, you won't need to use it again.*

- Starting with the Revlon Colorstay concealer, open it up and make a downwards triangle on your under-eye areas (as shown in the third picture)

*The concealer is used to "conceal" any blemishes or dark eye bags, however, it can also be used to highlight certain areas such as the T zone (which is the area in the middle of your forehead down to the bridge of your nose) So, if you want some extra glam, you can use the concealer wand to highlight your T zone areas. Just make sure to blend everything out with a makeup sponge afterwards.*

- Then, use the blue concealer brush and lightly wipe it onto the concealer wand to get just enough product on the brush to line your brows.

- Next, carefully and lightly line the bottom of your brows (as shown in the third and fourth picture)

*If you feel as though your coordination skills might be off, you can use your finger for the next step instead of the makeup sponge*.

- After that, using the tip of the makeup sponge (or your finger), carefully blend out the concealer evenly, spreading it out on your eye lid.

- Finally, use the bottom of the makeup sponge (the bigger part) to blend out the downwards triangle you made for your eye bags until it looks like the fifth picture.

Step 6: Prep Your Eyes!

*Disclosure: this step is important because the primer will ensure that your eyeshadow stays put all day and it will prep your eyes for the next step*

- Using the Elf eyeshadow primer, use a small amount (shown in the second picture) and dab on the primer onto your eyelid.

- Then, use your finger to blend it in evenly on the area you're going to be applying eyeshadow.

Step 7: Add the Eyeshadow

*Disclosure: if you want the colors to blend correctly, position the brush so your fingers are in the middle of the brush with a comfortable grip. If you blend too hard, you may not achieve the same results in the picture*

Using the Milani eyeshadow palette...

- First, use the shade titled: "truth or bare" as a transition shade on your lid and above your lid. Use the eyeshadow brush to blend it evenly using light strokes.

- Next, using the shade titled: "totally fawn over you" use the same brush to pack the color onto your lid (as shown in the third picture).

- After that, using that same color (totally fawn over you) use light, brush-like strokes to spread the color from the end of your eye to your crease (as shown in the fourth picture).

- Then, use a combination of the shades "sunsets by the beach" and "desert getaway" and pack those colors using your finger onto your lid (as shown in the fifth picture).

- Finally, grab the crease brush and use the shade "afterglow" and use light strokes on your brow bone (as shown in the sixth picture) this will add highlight to the brow and complete the eyeshadow look.

Step 8: Time for Mascara + Falsies!

WARNING: Use caution when using the lash curler to avoid possible injury to your eyes.

Before we put on the false eyelashes, you're going to need to curl your lashes and add mascara. To do so...

- Grab the lash curler and mascara(as shown in picture one).

- Hold the curler in your hand and line it with your eye lid (as shown in picture two).

- Then, gently squeeze the curler so it curls your lashes (as shown in picture three)*if you squeeze too hard it may cause injury and or rip out your actual eyelashes*

- Next, grab the DUO eyelash glue, a pair of false lashes, and the lash grabber(as shown in picture four)

- Then, apply the glue onto the lash (as shown in picture five) and use the grabber if needed to put the lashes onto your eye (try to line it as close as possible to your lash line)

*repeat for other eye*

- Then, grab the eyeshadow brush and use the shade "totally fawn over you" and add the shadow on your lower lash line.

- Finally, add mascara to your bottom lashes.

Step 9: Time for Contour!!

- Starting with the contour stick, line your cheekbones and the sides of the bridge of your nose (as shown in picture two)

- Next, grab the Soft Focus Glow Complexion Enhancer and put 2 pumps on top of the contour line on your cheekbone (this will give you a softer glow and it will also be easier to blend it out in the next step)

- Then, use the side of the makeup sponge to blend out the contour (as shown in picture five).

- Finally, using the Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer and the angled brush, dab the brush into the bronzer and apply the product on top of your contour (this gives it a smooth looking finish).

Step 10: Bake, Bake, BAKE!

*Disclosure: this step isn't required, but if you want to enhance the final look and have a clear-cut contour, this step is essential.*

- First, take the matte setting powder and open it.

- Gently tap some of the powder into the lid (as shown in the first and second picture)

- Then, take the makeup sponge or any type of sponge used for makeup and dab it into the powder.

- Then, you are going to apply the powder in various areas such as: bottom of your contour (shown in picture three), T-zone areas (forehead, middle of the nose, under your eyes), and you can also apply it to the chin.

- Finally, let the contour sit and "bake" until the END of the last step before spraying the setting spray.

Step 11: Highlight + Spray

For this step, you're going to be applying liquid highlighter and powder highlighter on top of it to add an extra finish. To do so...

- Starting with the liquid highlighter, squeeze some of the product onto the top of your cheekbone (as shown in picture two)

- Then, use the makeup sponge to blend it out by gently dabbing it (as shown in picture three)

*remember the powder you applied in the previous step?! it's time to wipe it away! take a brush (or the makeup sponge) and gently wipe the areas so there's no powder visible*(as shown in picture four)

- Next, using the Physician's Formula butter highlighter and the fan brush, take the brush and wipe it onto the highlighter, getting product on the brush.

- Then, apply it on top of the liquid highlighter and watch it glow!! (this makes the highlighter more intense and has more glow)

- Finally, take the matte setting spray and spray 3-4 times a few inches away from your face, but close enough to get the product onto your face; setting your final look.


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