Introduction: Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece/ Planters/ Gift

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If you want a DIY project to do with your kids and use it as a centerpiece for indoor or outdoor entertaining then you may want to try then simple Pumpkin Planter Project. It looks very beautiful and attractive. Also arrange them together and gift it..who would not like these cuteling...

Step 1: Items Needed

You need :

1) Different color and size mini pumpkin( I suggest using at least three pumpkin).

2) 2 inches potted plants. Pick different assortment like lavender, any succulent( they are my fav as they need little watering), air plant or decorative chillies that I have used from Trader Joes

3) Any kind of moss to cover the edge of the planter.

4) Spoon for scooping out the inside of pumpkin. 5) Pealing knife or any knife to cut the top of the pumpkin. 6) Foil optional in case you pot is too big for the pumpkin.

Step 2: Making the Pumpkin Planter

1) Cut the top of the pumpkin as shown in the picture with a knife
2) Draw the circle on the top and cut the middle cap with a knife now use the spoon to empty out the seed and get a clean center.

3) Once this is done then put the small 2 inch pot inside the pumpkin.

Step 3: If the Pot Is Big for the Pumpkin

1) Incase the pot is too big then remove the plant from the pot and loosen the soil of the plant,

2) Then wrap it in a foil. At the bottom of the foil poke a small whole with a knife so that excess water can drain. then put the foil plant in side the pumpkin. Like I have done with the succulent above is the picture.

Step 4: Moss Around to Cover the Pot.

Like the picture use any kind of moss to cover us the foil or pot. it looks pretty and covers up any flaw in cutting the pumpkin or the color and edges of the pot.

Step 5: Club Different Pumpkin Pots and Make a Centerpiece.

Finally use your creative sense to decorate it in the Kitchen, dinning space, outdoor, the mini pumpkin planters can be used anywhere- window ledge, on top of fireplace.

In the pictures I have shown different decorating combination from various places in my house.


Enjoy and if you like it leave a comment.

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