Introduction: Fall.

you will need:


Water colurs


Step 1: Step1

First cover your working space.

Step 2: Step2

after you place everything draw a tree to the very left corner of the paper.

Step 3: Step3

draw small dots around the tree with red, orange and yellow.

Step 4: Step4

while your brush is still wet mix the colurs around the tree.

Step 5: Step5

Draw a line to the very top of the paper with just water and then go over that line with bule repeat the same step for yellow and orange.

Step 6: Step6

mix yellow and orange.

Step 7: Step7

repeat step5 and step6 for 3 times.

Step 8: Step8

with light Pink go over the sky and ad one more layer with light Pink.

Step 9: Step9

draw another line under the light Pink with hot Pink and light orange then draw a half circle with yellow.

Step 10: Step10

fill the sides of the half circle with orange then ad a layer of yellow under the half circle after that ad a layer of green then blue.

Step 11: Step11

draw a banch and a curvy line under it then colur the banch with brown and use green under the curvy line after that fill in the gaps with bule.

Step 12: Step12

draw some clouds and colur them with hot Pink.

Step 13: Step13

draw a small crown and some little oval shapes and colur these in dark bule

Step 14: Step14

wait for it to dry and then you are done!!!

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