Introduction: Fallout 4 How to Trap a Deathclaw

This is a step by step walk through on how to capture your very own Deathclaw in Fallout 4. I hope you all enjoy this and find it useful.

Step 1: Wasteland Workshop

You must have the Wasteland Workshop DLC to be able to accomplish this. The DLC is priced at $4.99 USD. If you do not have this and/or want to buy it, then you have come to the wrong place.

Step 2: Picking a Settlement

You can only build cages in a settlement that you control/help out. My choice settlement was the first on you go to, Sanctuary Hills. There are some ideal spots where you can put the cage. You can clear up some destroyed houses and put some cages down on the foundation.

Step 3: Meeting the Skill Requirements

The cages themselves will take some materials that will be explained in the next slide. This slide is all about what it will take to make the Deathclaw docile. You will need to build a Beta Wave Emitter to make the Deathclaw docile, which will take 2 skills. You will need at least 1 rank of Animal Friend and at least 1 rank of Wasteland Whisperer. Then and only then will you be able to build the Beta Wave Emitter.

Step 4: Materials

You will need some specific materials to make this cage. Here is the list of materials:

16 Steel

4 Copper

4 Gears

And 4 Yao Guai Meat

Once you have those materials, you will be able to place it down wherever it will fit in your settlement. For the Beta Wave Emitter, you will need the following:

5 Copper

8 Aluminum

4 Crystals

3 Circuitry

5 Nuclear Material

And 2 Rubber

Once you have that, you can place the Emitter down.

Step 5: The Generator

Now once you have all of those materials, you can now build the cage and the emitter. You will need to build a generator to power the emitter and the cage. To build the generator, you will need:

2 Gears

4 Steel

2 Rubber

2 Copper

And 1 Ceramic

Now you will be able build the generator. You will have to connect the generator to the emitter and the cage.

Step 6: The Cage

Now, with all of that stuff out of the way, you can now catch a Deathclaw. It will take some time, you can either sleep or one will wander in while you are away doing whatever you do in the Commonwealth. Once you catch one, you will need to put more bait in. To do that, you need to go into the workshop, highlight the cage, and use the repair option. Once you re-bait the trap, you will be good until you need to repair it again.

Step 7: Deathclaw

Now that you have a Deathclaw, TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN! You can built an arena and pit it against other mutated animals/insects, or humans/mutants. Or you can have it as your little pet.