Introduction: Fallout Linocut Reduction Print

    This little build log is - once more - a picture frame project. I have too many of those frames lying around :-)

    Since this was my first attempt of a reduction print I have learned something very important: Do it... with patience. I think the outcome is not that bad, but there is definitely space for improvement.


    Things I have used for this project

    • IKEA picture Frame
    • Masking tape
    • Blue and yellow spay paint
    • Linoplate
    • Cutting tools
    • White paper
    • Inkroller
    • Ink
    • Glass plate (or other flat surface)
    • Transfer paper

    Step 1: Taking Apart and Painting the Frame

    At first I took it all apart and just sprayed the frame itself blue, the spacer got a yellow coat. After everything was dry I masked the frame but let one line around the bottom visible. I spayed this single line with the yellow paint just to add a little highlight.

    Step 2: Reduction Linocut Print

    The next step was the print itself. I started with the brightest color - in this case white for the teeth. Also I made 16 prints of every step so that the chance of ruining just one print was reduced. After the white layer I tried to mix a color matching the skin... incarnation is an art for itself. Step three was the yellow layer for the suit and hair, followed by the blue layer finishing the suit. The last step was to outline everything with flat black.

    Step 3: Assembly

    After several hours of drying, I separated two prints and taped one to the backside of the Passepartout. Time for putting the frame back together.

    Hope you like the idea and thank you for reading!

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