False Ceiling

Introduction: False Ceiling

To build the false ceiling I have used the following materials:

Quarter inch plywood sheets and 1"x1" wood bars

Screws and nails

wood glue

wood filler

sealer and paints

led strip

ceiling led lights

sanding paper

Tools used:

circular saw

jig saw


Step 1: Adding the Frame

The first task was to add a frame to give my thoughts a shape :)

Step 2: Covering the Frames With Plywood

Then, I started covering the frames with the plywood sheets. This was the hardest part as I was working alone and every now and then had to call for someone to hold the sheets for me. Fortunately I also had some clamps laying around (These are always my best assistant while working with wood.).

Step 3: Testing the Led Strips

Now that everything was in place, I filled all imperfections with some wood filler and sanded everything. After that I tested the led strip I had bought from Ebay. This is a 5 meter RGB 5050 led strip that came with a power supply and remote.

Step 4: Painting and Adding the Led Ceiling Lights

Now, it was time to seal and paint everything. I have drilled holes for the ceiling leds using a hole saw and the added the lights.

Hope this instructable is of any use to you.

Thank you.

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