Paper Family Tree

Introduction: Paper Family Tree

We made this family tree for my grandmother`s 80th birthday, using only the Cricut expression 2 machine, the Cricut alphabet cartridge and also the wall décor and more cartridge, and various colors of cardstock (different greens and also a dark chocolate brown)

Step 1:

1. load your cricut machine with your green paper and pick a leaf shape (from the wall décor and more cartridge) now cut about 50  various shapes and green colored leafs. (you will need about 45 sheets of paper)

Step 2:

After you have finished the leafs, load your Cricut machine with brown cardstock and cut out about 10 phrases.
(shown in the picture above)

Step 3:

After you have finished making the phrases for the trunk you can cut out a swirl out of chocolate brown (optional) to connect the top half of the tree and the trunk together. (shown in the picture above)

Step 4:

we used the wall and arranged the leafs to look like the top of a tree. then added the swirl and then arranged the phrases for the trunk, then finally we used some photos and arranged them on the leafs. Hope you enjoyed!

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