Family of Toy Soldiers

Introduction: Family of Toy Soldiers

This was a great costume for the family and getting everyone involved.

We had a Halloween wedding to attend and needed costumes for it. We talked of a group Disney costume and in the search my husband found the toy soldier from Toy Story.

We started by going to the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores to find Army/Military style jackets, cargo pants, and boots. It really didn’t matter the color because it would all get painted in the end. We went to the dollar stores in the area and found grenades, helmets, binoculars, and knives. We used a couple guns our kids already had and used PVC piping to create a bazooka. You can not see it in the picture, but my husband (with the clipboard) had a communication bag on his back. We used an old book bag, an older phone receiver with the spiral cord, and a doll rod (for the antenna). The final pieces were the stands. For these we took old pieces of matte board (for framing pictures) and cut out shapes resembling the toy soldiers. Each piece received a good coat of spray paint primer (including the clothes). Then we choose the green similar to the Toy Story soldiers and began to paint. Through a little trial and error we found that a paint sprayer worked best. Each item received a coating of green paint and left to dry. Yes, the clothes were very stiff to start but were still pretty easy to put on.

For our older two boys, my husband and myself, we purchased the green morph suit. (The color of the paint matched this really well too.) For our youngest son, we were afraid of him being too uncomfortable in the full morph suite. So for him I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and found a green spandex material and sewed a hood and gloves to cover any visible skin.

It really didn’t take long to get ready because we didn’t have to mess with make up. We had a great time at the wedding and took the kids out Trick or Treating before the reception. I think my husband and I had just as much fun if not more than the kids. Each costume with paint and supplies cost around $53. The time spent together letting the boys pick out their weaponry, planning it out, and watching them really enjoy Halloween was priceless!

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    4 years ago

    I own the gun in the last picture! Its a Walther PPK