Introduction: Fan Extender Board for RAMPS 1.4

Of course you can buy it, and it is not so expensive. But it is so simple and you can make it by yourself.

Step 1: Parts

To build this fan extender board you will need :

1) 2x BCP56 Npn Transistor Sot-223 Ebay

2) 1x JST-XH 4 pin 2.54mm connector Ebay

3) 2x 100k 0805 resistor

4) 2x 470R 0805 resistor

5) 2x 1.5k 0805 resistor

6) 1x KF301-2P 2 Pin Plug-in Screw Terminal Block Connector Ebay

7) 2x led 0805

Step 2: PCB Board and Schematic Diagram

Design printed circuit board (PCB), I was used ,,Sprint-Layout" software. Exported to Gerber files.

Step 3: Configuring Marlin Firmware

In Configuration_adv.h

Fan to cool down the stepper drivers

This is for controlling a fan to cool down the stepper drivers
it will turn on when any driver is enabled and turn off after the set amount of seconds from last driver being disabled again

#define CONTROLLERFAN_PIN 5 //Pin used for the fan to cool controller (-1 to disable)

#define CONTROLLERFAN_SECS 60 //How many seconds, after all motors were disabled, the fan should run #define CONTROLLERFAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

Extruder cooling fans

#define E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN 6
#define E1_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1

#define E2_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1

#define E3_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1


#define EXTRUDER_AUTO_FAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

Step 4: Final Result