Introduction: Fan With Suction Cup

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HI,everyone!today,i made a strange fan.I am live in china.Nanjing is very hot in summer.No matter what you are doing,if you don't have air condition,you will sweat for a while.

The space in my toilet is small,airtight and has no fan.When i go to the toilet to urinate,I swear every time.So,I want to do something that can be used when the weather is hot.I don't hold it with my hand,I can play mobilephone.

Step 1: STEP1;draw 3D Model

firstly,Measure the size of the fan and draw a rough 3D model of the fan.secondly,Perform 3D drawing of the connector.

Step 2: STEP 2:Print Out Parts

I used a 3D printer to print out all the components. The part connected to the fan needs to be designed differently according to different fans to ensure that the connecting part is firm and will not shake.

Step 3: STEP3:Assembly

Put all the components together.It is not very easy to design a component that can hold the fan. Need to pay attention to these. Firstly, leave enough room to install the screws. Second, the fan size need to be measured accurately ,because the components are drawn according to the 3D map of the fan.

Step 4: STEP 4:Put on the Suction Cup

After the suction cup is installed, we have finished making it.The suction cup is removed from the idle computer camera.

Step 5: At Last

The suction of the suction cup is not large and can only be firmly adsorbed on the glass surface.

Thank you very much for watching, we will see you next time!