Introduction: Fancy Folded Booklet

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Books are a tangible thing and loved by people of all ages. Although technology and the internet play a huge roll in my students lives when I announce during an ART class that we will be making books everyone gets very excited. The Fancy Folded Booklet that I am instructing is fun and easy to make with any age group. It also involves math skills with paper folding, and depending on what the maker chooses to use it for it can incorporate language arts, journaling or as a sketch book.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies are few and accessible and can be substituted for materials you have on hand.

(2) 4" X 4" canvas panels (If you don't have access to the panels, any 4" X 4" substrate material will work.

(3) 8" X 8" white paper

glue stick

sharpie markers

Step 2: Decorating Panels and Folding the Papers

Using the Sharpies, I have my students decorate the canvas panels that will be used for the front and back covers of the booklet.

Then begin folding the papers. First fold point to point. Next open paper flat.

Step 3: Folding Papers

Then fold paper in half, and in half again.

Open the folded paper and refold, forcing the pre-folded creases into the center.

Step 4: Fold 3 Papers

Do this paper folding technique with the 3 pieces of paper ( I have tried with more papers but it can become quite unruly.

Place the folded point of one section to the open point of the first piece & glue. Then glue the third paper in the opposite direction.

Step 5: Attach Covers

Next you are ready to glue the covers and your booklet is ready to use.

Have fun creating your own Fancy Fold Booklet!

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