Introduction: Fancy Hand Band

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Everyone loves to style there arms with fancy hand bands but the downside is that they are very expensive.

You see a hand bank that attracts you so much and you can't afford it, there is nothing more disappointing than that. Even I have been through all such disappointments and here I am with my own fancy band that looks exactly like a professional made.

In this project I will show you how to make one for yourself with very inexpensive materials such as Straws and ribbons.
So let us step our style statement without actually spending anything.

Let us see how it can be done

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Straws
  • A pair of scissors
  • Iron box
  • Butter paper
  • Ribbons

Step 2: Arranging

Cut the butter paper into half with a the pair of scissors and make sure they are bigger than your straws

Arrange the straws in close proximity such that it is covered with butter paper on both sides.

You can experiment with the way you arrange the straws, Go ahead and try different color combinations of straws

Step 3: Ironing

Now on the butter paper you need to Iron with the iron box.

Iron box should be heated to it's maximum and you need to press harder while you are ironing on the butter paper.

The reason behind using the butter paper is that even if you heat it the plastic of the straws is not going to stick to it.

and once you are done ironing remove the butter paper gently and take out the straws.

Step 4: Punch the Holes

At the ends of the butter paper punch a hole on each side or if you had used more straws and attached you can punch two holes on each side.

You can use a puncher to make these holes or you can make these holes by heating any iron material and piercing through the places where you want to make holes.

We used the second method , as it is plastic we can pierce it easily with a hot metal.

Step 5: Tie the Ribbon

Cut two pieces of your desired color ribbon and take them.

Tie these ribbons at both the ends,

if you feel ribbons are longer you can cut it to any preferable size and with that final touches you are done!

You can also beautify them by making patterns on bracelets with glitter.

Tie it to your hand and let the world see how fancy you are.
Hope you found this DIY interesting, do give it a try! ☺

Thank You.

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