Introduction: Fancy LED Mirror

For this project we are making an LED mirror that can be put anywhere and used anytime. This gives you two added perks: a mirror and the much needed extra light. (Tip: you can also do this with a painting!)

For this project you need:

-picture frame

-a mirror (if not the size of the frame, you need access to a laser cutter or a tool the can cut through glass)

-LEDs with remote and power source (either battery power or electrical output)


-strong adhesive (preferably a gorilla glue or glass binding agent)

-scissors or exacto knife

-batteries (if your LEDs are battery powered)

Step 1:

Disassemble your picture frame and measure the size of your frame and your mirror.

Make note and write down the dimensions you must cut your mirror down to to fit the size of the back of the frame.

Additional advice: make the mirror about 1/8th of an inch smaller than the frame size so you won't see any mirror sticking out from the frame of the finished product.

Step 2:

Either with a last cutter or tool of your choice, cut the mirror down to the dimensions you measured earlier.

The edges might be rough, so sand them down to prevent any cuts or scrapes wile handling.

Step 3:

Take your LEDs and begin sticking them to the inside of your picture frame. If your LEDs didn't come with adhesive already on the back, just use a strong glue to secure them in place.

Place The LEDs in a way that the power source is near a corner or edge so it can be lead to the power source outside of the frame.

Glue the wires down to the frame to ensure they stay in place.

Make sure to cut the LEDs at the provided intervals, or else they won't work.

Step 4:

Because the wire now protrudes from the surface, we need to make it level again.

Take a large piece or cardboard that's roughly the height of the wire and cut it down to pieces that fit to the back of the frame.

Step 5:

Connect the battery pack to the power source on the LEDs and test it.

Step 6: Step 6:

Either hang your creation up or place it on a desk for a nice decoration!

Hope you liked it!

Step 7: