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This is my first Instructable. I have made this in response to the original NES wallet. But i have changed bits to suit my ends as to make it smarter and more professional as its a present for my unsuspecting friend.

What you need:
fabric (felt)
old NES controller
PVA glue
Some spare time

Step 1: Striping It Down

First of all you need to get yourself an old NES controller from Ebay, home or at a car boot sale where I got mine for £1.50. Next get a screwdriver and try and unscrew all the screws on the reverse side. Try and use the right screwdriver as I couldn't undo it and wondered why... Once you get it open you'll find one chip board and a cable. I have stored this for use somewhere else. The screws are not needed anymore either so don't fret about losing them.

Step 2: Smooth As a Baby's Bum

Once you throw out the chipboard you'll notice there are loads of bumps. There is no real skill to this just hack and yank at them with a knife multi-tool or such like. Belt sanders/ plane sanders dont work as the plastic just metals amost immeadiatley due to the heat produced from the friction. Do not destroy all the pillars until you have read the next step.

Step 3: Glue

Here is a decision to be made:

pressable buttons. Endless time pretending you on your old NES. But on the downside constant pestering from people like 'wow cool can I try' and it is not as rugged.

Non pressable buttons. Longer lasting, still looks the same but not as authentic and fun.

I choose non pressable as I had pulled off all the plastic pillars.

Step 4: Carpeting

Time to cover the insides. gain any material of your choice I used felt because it feels nice, its easy to cut, looks nice and its cheap. unfortunatley i forgot to take photos but the general aim is to cover up all the plastic. If you want pressable buttons do NOT cover up the pads. I used PVA glue to stick it down and superglue in places.

Step 5: Adding the Zip

I don't know where to buy these as i sent my slave out to buy this for me so i don't know the price either, sorry. Putting the zip on was quite hard as it was constantly bending out of place. all it needs though is just a matter of time and patience and a lot of superglue. Once I had one side done i unzipped it to make it easier to do the second half.

Step 6: Coin-Catcher

This is just a piece of felt I put in to stop the coins falling out when i unzipped the wallet. I used superglue to stick it on the inside of the wallet just on top of where the zip is glued to the controller.

Step 7: Finished

Thats it you've done it. I would just like to say to check out the original NES wallet to see difference and the original idea. But please leave a comment, thanks.


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