Introduction: Fancy Paper Snowflake

This is one of my all time favorite ways to make a very fancy and detailed snowflake that you can even use for decorations for winter. It is really easy to fold and cut.




Step 1: Fold Into Square

Get your piece of paper and fold one side down, as the picture suggests. This will help it change the paper into a square shape, rather than a rectangle.

Step 2: Cut Remaining Paper

Cut the remaining edge of the paper off to make it officially into a square shape.

Step 3: Move

Once you have cut off that remaining edge, turn your paper so it looks like a triangle facing you.

Step 4: Fold Some More

Then, fold one of the sides of the triangle a little past the top (like the first picture suggests).

Step 5: Fold Some More

This is the trickiest part of the whole thing, but after you have folded the one side do the same with the other side, making sure you fold it to make a point at the bottom. You also want to make sure that the sides line up as best as you can, it they don't line up your snowflake in the end will not be symmetrical.

Step 6: Fold Again

You will then fold that in half making almost a heart shaped look.

Step 7: Cutting Time

Next, you will cut off the top point of the folded paper, but before you do, hold up the paper and look down into it, you will see a few lines the paper has made as we have folded it. You will want to cut it down to the very lowest fold, making sure there are no folds left on top. Rather than cutting it straight across, cut it with a little bit of a curve. This will make the round shape that we see in all snowflakes.

Step 8: Last Step Before the Fun

This is how you want the beginning of snowflake to look, with a little curve on the top, a good point with its sides lined up as close as you can.

Step 9: The Fun Cutting

This is where the fun begins! After you have finished with all the folds you can know cut in any way and any shape you'd like. With a lot of other snowflakes, you can only cut them on one side, but with this snowflake you can cut them on both sides! The more crazy and detailed your cuts are the more grand the snowflake with be in the end. Don't be afraid to try a crazy shape with it, most the time it will end up looking great!

Step 10: Slowly Open

After you have cut what you like, slowly, open up the snowflake. If you do open it too fast, it will rip the paper. Then voila! You made a fancy snowflake! In order for it to stay flat you can put it under a few books, you you can even iron it!