Introduction: Fancy Serviette Rings

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Hi everyone, I am going to share with you how to make a Serviette Ring to match your table setting, the occasion or even your mood. Isn't it cool if you can put up an awesome table set up in just few seconds.

Step 1: You Will Need

1. Two Felt sheet of your preferred color, I choose Purple for the Petals and Black or the flower middle. (Half of A4 size in each color is more than enough for one flower).

2.Jute Material of preferred color and a plastic sheet (Only if your Jute doesn't have the backing). Since mine has a backing, I did not use the plastic sheet in this project.)

3. A piece of Velcro strip.

4.Glue Gun with sticks

5. Scissor

6. Circle Cutter (You can cut the circles manually if you do not have the tool.)

7. A Pen

Step 2: Get the Petals Ready

I got a petal shape drawn on a piece of cardboard , so I can use it as a block to draw all the petals in the same shape. The size of my petal is W1.5"xH2". You can use a smaller petal size if you wish.

Then draw 6 petals on your felt sheet and cut them off.

Step 3: Getting the 3D Effect for the Petals

Once you have the 6 Petals cut out, put a small cut of 1cm at the bottom middle of the petal as shown on the first picture.

Then you get two flaps at the bottom of the petal. Paste one flap on the other with a tiny glue dot. It is ok to put right over left or vise versa, but make sure you do the same way to all six petals.

Step 4: Getting the Petal Effect

Fold the Petal in two, then twist it with your finger tips tight, so the petal gets the twist lines on it. then slowly open the petal.

Now you can see that the petals have a much natural look than being flat.

Step 5: Getting the Flower Together

Paste the six flower petals as shown on picture using your glue gun.

Cut out a circle from your black felt and put tiny cuts on the border of the circle. (I have cut several circles as I made more than one flower.)

Then paste the black circle in the middle of the flower.

Step 6: Preparation of the Ring

Take your Jute material and cut a piece of W6"xH2".

If your Jute doesn't have the backing which makes it stiff and enables you to cut it without the thread coming out,you need to cut a piece of plastic laminating sheet (size W6"xH2") and paste as backing for the jute.

Cut a piece of hoop and loop velcro strip, 1.5" would do.

Paste the velcro the back side of the jute piece.towards one end with hot glue. Then make a ring from the jute and paste the other end to the other part of the velcro.

So to be clear the hoop side of the velcro should be pasted on the back side of one end of the jute, and the loop side on the other end and on the front side of the jute. So when you stick the velcro the jute should make a ring.( I initially thought of using a green Jute. but later changed my mind to white. you can use an available color.)

Now I have the flower the ring and thought I would include two leaves cut out of felt.

Step 7: It's Almost Done

Now paste the flower in the middle of the ring, and paste the leaves on either side or on the same side.

To add some finishing touches, I added few sequins in the middle of the flower. you can add a flat back Perl, a button or even few tiny beads, it's your choice.

now the Serviette Ring is all ready to sit at your table. All you need is to fold the serviette and put the ring around and place it nicely on your table.

Step 8: Here Are Few More Ideas for You

Same ring with different flowers. So isn't it cool that you can change your table set in just minutes with such low cost.

All the best ..Hope you all will have nice table sets soon.

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