Fancy Spam Appetizer Sandwiches

Introduction: Fancy Spam Appetizer Sandwiches

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As a kid, anytime my parents had a party my mother would make theses fancy little sandwiches to serve as appetizers. They were these wonderful little triangles filled with a creamy spread and we loved them. My brother and I would gather around the counter to snatch the bread crusts that she cut off the sandwiches, and if we were especially good, she would allow us to take the leftover spread and make a "normal" sandwich out of it. As we got older and were able to attend the parties, my brother and I would sneak to the table where the snacks were kept, and steal the sandwiches in batches, hoarding them away to eat at out leisure.

After I moved out, my parents' didn't throw as many parties, and it seemed that my mother would make them only once in a blue moon. Once day when I was over, reminiscing over old times, I asked her how she came up with the recipe for the sandwiches (mostly because I looked to try and find the recipe but everything I made did'nt quite taste like my mom's sandwiches). She admitted that she didn't use a recipe, but the sandwich recipe was born of her and her college roommates being poor and coming up with food concoction using inexpensive ingredients. So this recipe was their way to make a cheap and easy "fancy" sandwich for their party.

Anyways I decided to make my first Instructable using on of my mom's "College Days" recipes (with her permission, of course).

Now to the ingredients and tools needed for this recipe:
A Food Processor
A Spatula
A Good Sharp Bread Knife

1 can of Spam
1 tub (14 oz) of Pimento Cheese
1 loaf of White Bread
2 heaping tablespoons of Salad Olives (I prefer to use the Goya Brand, but I had to make it this time around with the Kroger Brand ones)
A splash of Whole Milk

Step 1: Spam Time

First you want to cut up the spam in chucks so that it will blend in easier in the food processor. Then scrape in the pimento cheese (using your handy dandy spatula). Run the processor, scraping the sides to make sure everything mixes thoroughly.

Step 2: Add the Olives...

After the cheese and spam have mixed together, add two heaping spoonfuls of Salad Olives (you can add more if you want a bit of a saltier taste) and then a splash of whole milk. Mix these together until everything looks creamy and there are no large chunks.

Step 3: Spread the Bread

Okay now is the time to get out th bread and spread our creamy, dreamy spread on it. Try to make sure that you cover the slice entirely (so that you will have spread on it when you snack on the bread crusts).

Step 4: Cutting Time

Now get out a good, sharp bread knife and cut off the crusts. Set them aside for later snacking. Then cut the bread from corner to corner diagonally, to form 4 little triangles. Remember to wipe the knife occasionally between cuts, otherwise the bread won't cut as well and the sandwiches will have ragged edges.

Step 5: Snacking Time!

And now you are done! Left over spread does keep a while if you put it in an air tight container and place it in the fridge. These will keep for a bit, but make sure to places leftovers (HA! We never had leftovers in my house) in a Tupperware container and then in the fridge. You can use this for parties or make a batch of the spread to snack on at your convenience.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    the only thing I see wrong with this is the sandwichs need about 5x the filling ! !