Fancy Strapless Dress




Introduction: Fancy Strapless Dress

in this instructable, i'm going to teach you step by step, how to make a formal strapless dress

have fun!

Step 1: Measure

take measurements of your mannequin - i did: bust, waist, hips, and neck-back (in the pictures) but look on your pattern for the necessary measurements

Step 2: Cut Pattern

cut out patterns to match the size of your mannequin measurements

Step 3: Pin Pattern

pin pattern onto fabric

Step 4: Cut Fabric

cut fabric along the pattern (ideally without cutting pattern)

helpful tip: look on the pattern envelope at the layout of the pattern pieces for the most effecient use of fabric

Step 5: Unpin Pattern

unpin the pattern from the fabric

Step 6: Repeat

repeat steps 2-5 with the rest of the pattern pieces and the lining

Step 7: Sew a Stay-Stitch

sew a stay-stitch around the edge of the bodice front

stay-stitching stays in permanently and helps prevent stretching on curved edges

Step 8: Attach Bodice Pieces

stitch bodice front to bodice side front

Step 9: Attach More Bodice Pieces

stitch bodice back to bodice side back

Step 10: Repeat

repeat steps 7-9 with the lining

Step 11: Make Bodice "Tube"

with RIGHT sides together, pin lining to bodice matching centers and seams. stitch front neck edge along stitching lines and along seam line on upper edge. to reinforce seam at center front, stitch again over first stitching

Step 12: Pretty-ify Bodice

baste the raw edges and "hem" to make pretty :)

Step 13: Pleat Front

make pleats on the outside of the skirt front
          bring folds to broken lines; pin
          baste across raw edge

Step 14: Pleats Back

make pleats in skirt back sections. stitch center back center from lower edge to notch. back-stitch at lower end of opening to reinforce seam

Step 15: Make Skirt "Tube"

stitch skirt front to back at side seams

helpful hint: leave the top of one of the side seams open so the skirt can fit over the mannequin's head

Step 16: Repeat

repeat steps 13-14 with the lining

Step 17: Belt

"hem" the belt

Step 18: Attach Belt

attach belt to dress

Step 19: Decorate Belt

add any flower/bow/decoration to the belt

Step 20: Decorate Dress

attach any other decoration (i.e. zipper) 

Step 21: Hem Skirt

depending on how much fabric you have, your skirt may be at an awkward length. hem it shorter! 

even if you like the length, hem it to make it look cleaner

Step 22: Hey Guess What!


Step 23: WOW!

marvel at how fantabulous you and your new dress are!!!

Step 24: Have Fun!

have fun and take pictures with your beautiful new strapless dress :D

Step 25: Thanks!

Special thanks to: Mr. Orman - our amazing teacher who put up with us even when we did everything wrong :) and you! for reading my instructable! Lauren

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    Tip 2 years ago

    I will try my best not to be rude and the dress material, color and design is very nice. But I think you could hem the top of the bodice and hem the skirt as well to make it a bit cleaner. If I were you, I would add another layer to the skirt in a different fabric but around the same color so it might look nicer.


    6 years ago

    Not to be rude.. The top of the dress looks a bit unclean and choppy. Would we just have to hem the top to clean it?


    8 years ago

    Oh, my! This is exactly how not to make a dress. It's a train wreck. So many steps left out.


    Reply 8 years ago

    wow..great instrutable on how to be rude!!


    8 years ago

    wow! very beautiful


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice instructable! Thanks for sharing.