Introduction: Fancy Succulent Planting

Want to make new succulent plantings from one plant? As long as you include the roots, you can keep growing new succulents off your original plant!

Step 1: Ingredients

*Base succulent

*Glass jar

*Aquarium marbles

*Potting soil

*Water and sun


Step 2: Get a Base Succulent

The most important factor in getting a base succulent is to find one that has multiple plantings in one pot. It's a lot harder to try and coax a new succulent to bloom when you're dealing with only one set of roots.

Step 3: Get an Empty Glass Container

I'm a fan of recycling my candle jars into cute little succulent plantings. I've found that if you use soy based candles it's a lot easier to completely clean out the glass jar. Other fun options are Pyrex dishes, mason jars, and pint glasses!

Step 4: Use Aquarium Marbles for the Oooh Factor

Be wild. Be bold. Be creative. Use aquarium marbles like I did, or a bunch of colorful buttons, or even pennies (when that piggy bank is too precious to waste space with semi-useless currency). Fill your container about 1/3-1/2.

Step 5: Add Potting Soil

Add potting soil to your glass container-- right on top of your marbles! Try to limit the mess. Good luck with that.

Step 6: Gently Remove Your Succulent Chunk

Make sure to keep the roots attached to the piece that you remove from the base plant. While I do believe that succulents are capable of many things, spontaneous regeneration without roots is not one of them. But I could be wrong. The most important thing is to be gentle!

Step 7: Plant That Baby

Carefully place the baby chunk into your glass pot and then add potting soil around it, tamping down the soil so that the succulent is firmly in place. Leave a little bit of room at the top so that when you add water it doesn't immediately overflow.

Step 8: Maintenance

Add a little bit of water, place in a sunny spot, and walk away. Your baby plant does NOT need water daily. Not even weekly. This is a desert plant, people! The beautiful part of using glass as a pot is that you can see water buildup at the bottom. Do not add more water when there's still some in the glass. I tend to water my succulents about once every 10 days to 2 weeks.

Step 9: Wow, Pretty

Prepare to bask in the compliments.