Serve Cupcakes With Style... Make a Fancy Etagere Made Out of Old Dishes

Introduction: Serve Cupcakes With Style... Make a Fancy Etagere Made Out of Old Dishes

Do you have old, random dishes laying around in your cupboards collecting dust? Well, we certainly do! But instead of just throwing them away we decided to build some etageres out of them. They are not only great for serving muffins (or so) at your next party but can also serve as a "home" for all the small things laying around in the house. Further it is really easy to make. All you need are some old dishes, epoxy glue, sandpaper and a half hour of time.
Of course you could go ahead and buy one like in the picture above. But hey, one made out of reused stuff just has way more style!

Step 1: Go Dish Hunting... (in Your Cupboards or Your Favorite Thrift Shop)

First you need to gather as many dishes as you can (plates, soup plates, cups and glasses). Spread them out on a table and start stacking them together. Play around and see what fits best.

Step 2: Preparing the Surfaces for Bonding

The epoxy glue will bond best on rough surfaces. Try to rough up the bonding surfaces with some sandpaper. You will most likely have some trouble sanding some dishes due to the extremely hard material. Just do your best...
We didn't bother sanding the inner side of the plates since they will be easily visible and an unscratched plate just looks better.

Step 3: Cleaning the Mating Surfaces

Make sure the mating surfaces are clean and fee of grease. Use a piece of cotton with acetone, nail polish remover or similar.

Step 4: Glue the Parts Together

Ok, now it is time for some serious bonding :-)
Mix the epoxy glue.
Start with your lower part and work your way up the top.
I found it useful to use Q tips to distribute the epoxy on the rims.
Take your time centering the parts. Once you have the parts connected you can only make small adjustments without having glue all over the plate!

Step 5: Enjoy...

After the glue has cured (and make sure it has!!!) you can go ahead and fill your super inexpensive, totally unique and easy to make etagere with whatever you want. Cupcakes, fruit or whatever you find laying around.

Enjoy our etagere :-)

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