Introduction: Fantastic Comic Storage Solution (IKEA)

I've looked high and low for a comic book storage solution that is ANYTHING but short/long boxes and I finally came up with this set up as a nice alternative. I like this cabinet because it has doors and the shelves adjusted to roughly 11"-12" which is just enough room to let the comics stand completely upright. I wanted the comics to be standing so that I could use dividers to separate the different titles so that I could quickly flip through to find a particular title. I also uploaded PDFs of the labels I made that fit perfectly in the box's label window (I suggest printing them out on card stock). The card stock labels that come with the boxes are 2" x 1" and the window is slightly smaller than that if you'd like to make your own labels for publishers other than Marvel and Dark Horse.

  1. IKEA Brimnes cabinet w/doors 803.006.60
  2. IKEA Fjalla box w/lid 502.920.01
  3. (see attached PDF labels for boxes)

When finished the storage system will hold approximately 900 loose comics (145-150 loose comics per box, x6 boxes).