Introduction: Fantasy Daggers

firstly i drew out a rough template on a sheet of a4 paper,then copied it on the sheet of scrap metal i found.

Step 1: Then I Cut It Out With a Jigsaw and Removed the Paint With a Sanding Wheel.

Step 2:

Step 3: Grinder

after ide took the paint of i give it a bit of a clean up in a sanding disk

Step 4: Shine

then i started to get it shiny with grit paper draw filing n buffing,

Step 5:

then made a poece to put just after the handle and thought ide try etching it for first time i used them craft card making sticker things n my battery charger

Step 6:

ended up like this,not to bad

Step 7:

glued it on

Step 8:

did a bit of engraving

Step 9:

this is how it ended not my best but alrite comments welcome

Step 10: A Couple More

thats my third one

Step 11:

Step 12: 4ft Home Made Broad Sword